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How does WH!BLER Lite work?

    1. The Whistleblower calls WH!BLER’s phone service, which is manned at all times.
      The communicator that receives the call helps the Whistleblower to create a report with the information needed for the case to be assessed effectively. The phone service is completely anonymous – the number is not saved and there are no digital traces.
    2. A report is created which is sent directly to the company for internal management.
      The whistleblower receives a case number which he uses to call WH!BLER again and if he/she wants to provide additional information.

WH!BLER can also offer support to managers and leaders in dealing with malpractice in the company.

Whistleblowing service is an important tool to create a sustainable society”

What is included in the service?

Companies join ”WH!BLER Lite” through a license agreement that runs for three years with a three-month notice period at the end of the period. The fee is invoiced annually. The license includes:

  • Personal telephone reception of whistleblowers, staffed around the clock, all year round
  • An agreed number of notifications / cases including legal assessment
  • Reports to the customer at each notification.

The number of cases included in the license is three per year with WH!BLER Lite.

Investigation of notifications is initiated by the customer and charged at an hourly rate.


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Standard Developer

WH!BLER is involved in the standardization work for whistleblower services through the Swedish Institute for Standards

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